Pro Dairy Event

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Tracking individual cow events is crucial to efficient and productive herd management. Our iPhone Pro Dairy Event app enables famers to track, manage and archive key events throughout the herd.

Use Pro Dairy Event to avoid bulk tank antibiotic contamination by logging start and end dates of treatment. Furthermore, other key events such as vet calls and hoof paring can be tracked and managed.

All data can be viewed individually by cow number or by herd overview. Alert settings mean that event specific milking alarms can be set, right when you need them most…when you come into contact with your herd.

Take farm management to the next level and stay in full control of your herd with Smart Farm Apps.

So…How does it work? Check this demo video out now!

(Android Video)


  • Keep track of crucial cow events
  • Set milking time alarm notification
  • All cow events can be seen clearly in calender or tabular format
  • Chronicles all medication given to all cows
  • Data can be crossed referenced with invoices for vet calls and hoof paring
  • All information can be exported for 3rd party software integration
  • All information can be entered offline!

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Thanks for bringing out this app has helped so much and makes treating cows so much easer. I check the active cow page every day and it gives me all the info I need to keep track of cows that need closer monitoring.

S. Walters, Victoria, Australia

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