Pro Grass Rotation

Pro Grass Rotation for iPhone enables farmers to manage grass wedge with ease. Enter, update and view critical data while on the move, walking the farm or going about your day-to-day. All data is easily exported for integration with other software applications.

Smart Farm Apps empower farmers to get more from grazed grass each season. Strategically prepare and adjust your pasture schedule according to pre and post grazing dry matter yield.

Use the Pro Grass Rotation app to maximise pasture utilisation and animal performance. Get the most from your wedge and take grass management to the next level with Smart Farm Apps!

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So…How does it work? Check this demo video out now!


  • In paddock grass wedge calculations (44 Paddocks only)
  • Eyeball estimation
  • Calculates Daily Demand At Grass, Target Pre Grazing Yield, DM Yield, Grass Growth and Quantity Per Cow
  • Improves grassland measurement
  • Helps to maximise the intake of highly digestible grazed grass
  • Facilitates higher level of milk solid production at lower input costs
  • Displays a clear synopsis in graph form of grass growth
  • Clearly shows high/low performing paddocks
  • Quickly identifies surplus grass
  • Reduces the need for concentrates
  • Substantially reduces fertilizer use
  • Visually maps paddocks within the farm
  • App is not multi-device

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More than 44 Paddocks? Triple it with Herd II and Herd III

If you need more paddocks you can download our Herd II & Herd III apps separately to supplement your grass measurement ability. Each app offers 44 more paddocks separately.

Pro Grass Rotation Herd II

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Pro Grass Rotation Herd III

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This app really comes into its own on a wet windy day, I can do the farm walk without paper blowing away or getting wet. When I’m finished the wedge and all the info I need is already there. Makes life so much easier. Great tool!

J. Carroll, Kerry, Ireland

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