Pro Milk Solids

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Stay on top of your milk profitability with Pro Milk Solids for iPhone!

Download this app now and get an advanced milk solids calculator as well as a milk solids data archive.

Now dairy farmers can quickly generate precise milk solids data. Furthermore, with Pro Milk Solids – Data Archive all milk solids data can be stored and accessed and exported from your phone.

This means that quick milk solids performance comparisons and analysis can be carried out wherever you are!


  • Define your own conversion rate in line with processors or apply standard – Litres-KG 1.03 / Gallons-Lbs 8.345
  • Calculate milk in KG or Lbs
  • Calculate milk solids per cow
  • Calculate milk solids per hectare or acre
  • Enter and store SCC and TBC data (In-App Purchase)
  • Build up complete Data Archive of your milk solids data for quick analysis and comparison
  • Compare 2 separate date ranges in order to quickly gauge performance with performance fluctuations displayed in percentages
  • Tap any unit in the Data Archive to quickly switch graph data

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